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Pax A920 Wireless Pin Pad

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This credit card reader is shaking up the world of electronic banking.

Features of the PAX A920

First of all, developed under Android, its performance is remarkable. This TPE has all possible means of communication: 4G, bluetooth, Wifi and ethernet socket. Remember that a specific electronic payment gateway is mandatory to operate a CB device.

The Pax A920 has two cameras; one on the front and the other on the back like a smartphone. Recall that it is developed under Android. In addition, it allows the reading of barcodes. This device can be used by delivery drivers and accepts the signature on the screen. Indeed the device has a 5-inch high-definition color touch screen. With its ultra-fast printer, 40 lines per second, this jewel of technology accepts contactless. The characteristics of its autonomy are:

  • standby 26 hours
  • Standby Time: 397 hours Battery life
  • (WiFi): 7.5 hours Battery life
  • (4G): 5.5 hours
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours

Unlike other machines, it does not operate autonomously. That is, it must be connected to a server. This is centralized electronic banking. This allows you to have a view of all your transactions. You have access to an interface that also allows you to carry out an accounting export! Therefore a specific subscription is mandatory.

If you have several CB players, they are all connected to the same server and therefore to the same interface.

Business Applications

Thanks to its environment, this player allows you to download business applications via the PAX Store. For example, the implementation of a cash register solution. whatever the activity. Web Monétique already uses it as a cashless payment solution to collect or recharge. This solution has the double advantage of cashing CB and cashless with the same equipment! It was put into service on an ad hoc basis

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